Client Testimonials


  • M.S. from Oakville

    Great way to start our training early and get a solid foundation before the pup had all his vaccines and could attend group classes.

  • K.C. from Burlington

    Debra was a pleasure to work with, her instructions were clear and concise, and demos with Poppy and Ace helped to cement the instructions

  • P.S. from Oakville

    All three of us really enjoyed the classes and appreciated how much information you could impart to us in such a short time while at the same time making each class so much fun!

    With the private in-home training, I really appreciated how much care you took at the start of each session to answer any questions we had, no matter how trivial, and to explain the thinking behind the training and what is going on in the dog’s mind!

    We also really liked the fact that although we were meeting virtually, you did such a great job of demonstrating what you were teaching us, with the help of Poppy and Ace of course, and how well you could explain in real time what we had to do to master the techniques better.

    We really don’t have any suggestions for improvements and would highly recommend Think Positive Dog Training to anyone looking for training classes for their dog.

  • J.R. M. from Oakville

    Debra was fantastic in equipping us with training skills that were easy to understand and fun for us and our puppy. She really took the time to get to know us and personalize the areas of training that we needed with our puppy. We really enjoyed working with Debra, Poppy and Ace!

  • S.P. from Burlington

    The private lessons you offered were just what I needed since my dog does not like to travel in the car. Also, being a senior and Covid warnings everywhere, I was happy to stay at home. I would not have been able to give my dog any basic training if not for “Think Positive Dog Training”. I enjoyed our sessions very much. You made it fun and informative with great training tips.

  • R.K. from Mississauga

    We greatly appreciated the private, at home training sessions with Debra! The sessions were exactly what we needed for our new puppy and we learned a lot as a family. Thank you for your very informative sessions, friendly nature and great tips!

  • M. G. from Oakville

    We had a great experience with Debra. Being new dog owners of a rescued dog we didn’t know where to begin. Debra set us off on the right path and helped us work with our dog to get us all on the same page. Thanks

  • A.T. from Oakville

    I would recommend Debra to any person I know that recently added a dog to their family, or needs any additional support with their furry friend.

    I recently adopted a rescue and Debra was incredible. She was able to answer any questions that I had regarding training in a comfortable 1 on 1 environment. I felt that she was fully committed to my dog and her progress.

    She also fully engaged in my dogs learning, and I loved how she uses her own dogs for demonstration it was so helpful. I didn’t feel nervous about asking questions, and she was so knowledgeable, organized and helpful.

    Even with the virtual learning Debra has adapted to well to the times. Even without being in person her strategy and approach to dog training is still so helpful. My dog and I have learned so much, and I already see such an improvement in my dogs behaviour and how much she has learned. Thank you so much Debra!

  • L.G. from Etobicoke

    Debra was able to help us get started with training in a way that was fun and we saw results almost immediately! She was great at building on the skills from previous sessions and what we appreciated the most is that it was personalized training. We had the opportunity to ask questions, ask for help with specific situations and get feedback based on how things were/weren’t working for us and our puppy. Without hesitation I recommend working with Debra if think you might need some help!

  • J.S. from Oakville

    We were so happy with the training we received from Debra and her furry assistants Poppy and Ace. We weren’t sure how to live in the same house with our energetic great dane puppy before we started, but Debra gave us plenty of tips and tricks to help us strengthen our relationship with him. We’re now in a place where we can happily cohabitate without pulling out our hair! Thank you Debra!

  • S.F. from Oakville

    Debra’s positive training techniques have proved extremely beneficial to me and my puppy. The power of ‘yes!’ in reinforcing the desired behaviours from my puppy are valued by us both!

  • H.P.N. from Oakville

    Debra made time to explain things outside the training giving me a better understanding of my puppy’s behaviours and which, in turn, helped me adjust to the way I respond to my pup.
    Debra is very patient and her techniques are very effective. My puppy is still very young and pretty spunky but I already have her following some commands.
    Would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a trainer…especially for first timers of young puppies.

  • Z.X. from Oakville

    Debra knows and loves dogs! We are so glad that we signed up for the private training course. It made our life much easier. We feel the progress of our new puppy every day. Debra is super nice, patient, skillful and the course is fun. She involved my 10 – year old daughter through-out the four sections and she enjoyed and learned a lot. Due to the pandemic, the course had to be on line, which, surprisingly worked out good enough and better than expected. Thank you

  • M. & O. N. from Oakville

    We are very happy to have had the chance to work with Debra as our Dog Trainer. Being first time dog owners we were very anxious to make sure we are doing the right things. Debra was so nice to accommodate us and our needs, she answered all our questions and she taught us so much. All the materials provided served as excellent tools and resources. With a great sense of humour and great positive energy she made us feel comfortable and encouraged us every step of the way. We are so very thankful for all her patience, her good advice and guidance with our new puppy. We feel so much more confident and glad we started early the training with her. We will confidently go back for additional advice if needed. Thank you so much! You’ve made a puppy and her family happy!

  • C.S. from Oakville

    Debra was great to work with. She was super patient and provided me with so many tips to work with my pup on. As a first time pet owner she helped me train my new puppy and helped me stop some of the bad behaviour that puppies tend to have.

  • So pleased we started with Debra early in our adventures in puppy training. She personalized the instruction to answer all of our questions and broke commands down to fundamentals that we can continue to build upon. Your search for a caring and knowledgeable trainer is over.

  • T.E.H. from Oakville

    Thank you very much Debra. We learned some very practical and helpful strategies to use so our two dogs can walk well on leashes, and how to overcome some difficult behaviours like running away and barking. Your positive approach is one that resonates with us and with our dogs. So many treats! It’s us humans that needed the training, and we’ve learned some valuable skills during our time together. Many thanks.

  • D.C. from Oakville

    Debra is a pleasure to work with and truly exemplifies the positive in her training programme. I would not hesitate to recommend her to someone looking for a trainer.

  • A.C. from Oakville

    Think Positve Dog Training was a life saver for our family. It has helped to
    make the addition of a dog a positive experience, which is not how it started off. We love our dog!

  • T.C. from Mississauga

    Debra was a fantastic trainer who catered to our dogs specific training needs and was able to give us strategies to work on with our dog and answer all the questions we had. We ended the sessions feeling 100 percent more confident in handling our dog than when we started !

  • N.H. from Oakville

    Debra was amazing! I was extremely overwhelmed with my new puppy and the daunting task of housetraining, and after just one session I immediately felt better. Debra’s tips and instructions were fun and easy to follow. My puppy responded so well to Debra in our in-person session and we’ve been very successful in continuing everything we’ve learned

  • A.R.H. from Oakville

    Thank you for being such a great trainer – you made dog training easy to follow and were a pleasure to work with. Thanks for pivoting and offering virtual services as well – was great that we didn’t have to stop her training.
    It was awesome to have 1-on-1 attention with you and work with our dog’s needs. Also great for us to be corrected and fully understand the commands, etc! We also liked that we could talk through with you specifically what our pup was going through to troubleshoot solutions.

  • K.K. from Milton

    Debra is a personable, hands on trainer with tons of experience with a variety of different dog personalities. Bringing my dog from a timid, anxious rescue dog to the loving, friendly pup she is today is awesome. She is not as afraid of people, knows her commands and does very well in and outside the house.
    With Covid 19 we also had to do some on line virtual training. I was leary about it at first, but in the end it was great. Not the same as at home for sure, but the hands on approach was still felt even though we were virtual. Debra’s knowledge, patience and understanding both with my dog and myself will be a great asset as we move forward with our doggy life. Her educational patience for the owner makes it easy to learn how to handle your puppy and fun with lots of laughs. Thanks Debra for a great experience. I look forward to some agility training in the summer.

  • T.C. from Oakville

    As first time puppy owners we needed support on the basics. Debra was great to work with and set us up for success even before she arrived for in-home classes. She was very effective in teaching us and our new puppy to house-train quickly and to establish visual and verbal commands. All done in a ‘positive’ manner.

  • N.P. from Oakville

    I love that you were able to work with me and my 13 year old daughter. You involved her throughout the process and let her participate. Some people don’t always take young ones seriously but you did. We had huge concerns with our puppy biting and you reassured us, time and time again that this was normal behaviour which helped alleviate some of our stress. With your help and work, you gave us the confidence to adopt the dog we were fostering, so thank you.

  • A.C. from Oakville

    I highly recommend using Debra for anyone who’s considering dog and puppy training! I have a very overexcited and anxious retriever and she understood his personality and how to work with him from the first couple minutes she met him! And he has improved so well since our first visit! She taught me how to train him in a positive reinforcement way and not discipline which is exactly what I need and has actually increased the bond I have with my puppy! I will continue to use her services in the future for Brady and any dogs I may have in the future.

  • B.M. from Oakville

    Debra was great at figuring us out (!), has a keen sense of humour and seems to have an analogy (to relate to our puppy’s way of thinking) and tip or trick for every possible issue/goal. Debra made us realise we were expecting improvement at too rapid a pace (our puppy had already been to a Junior Puppy Class before we engaged Debra) and worked with us to set more realistic, incremental steps to help us reach our goals for us and our puppy. We plan to call Debra in again, but for now are working with the techniques learned so far, hopefully at a more patient (!) pace.

  • H.N. from Oakville

    This was an amazing experience that allowed the dog to progress very well! Training sessions where adapted to suit the dog and had an environment that really encouraged the dog to have a very positive experience while training.

  • K.T. from Oakville

    A huge thank you to Debra! I have a big, bouncy puppy who needed some guidance. Debra gave me the tools and the confidence to better understand my dog. I noticed a huge change in my dog over the four weeks – she’s so much better now!

  • A.B. from Mississauga

    Debra is a wonderful dog trainer! She is professional, understands dogs and is very patient. I would hire Debra again!!!

  • A.B. from Oakville

    Our little girl really enjoyed her sessions with Debra. She was an excellent sounding board for a new puppy owner and provided great suggestions to help manage stressful moments. We have continued to practice the basic training provided, which will be helpful as we begin our in-class puppy training with other dogs. Thanks, Debra!

  • C.S. from Oakville

    We contacted Debra as our 6 month pup was jumping and biting us when we were outside (e.g backyard). We worked closely for a month with her and she taught us strategies that we implemented to prevent our pup’s behaviour from occurring again.
    Thanks Debra again!

  • E.F. from Oakville

    Definitely would recommend Think Positive Dog Training to anyone! My rescue dog came with very rudimentary commands but needed to get back to basics. Debra was great for that. I felt like I was being trained as much as my dog was, which is why it was so successful and has worked so well! In 4 short weeks, I have noticed a big improvement in my dog’s obedience and polite behavior. Now with the knowledge I’ve gained from Debra, I can keep it up with my dog and continue his training.

  • S.M. from Oakville

    Debra is a fun, funny, personable and extremely knowledgeable puppy magician. She relates so well to both the puppy and family members providing practical insight, suggestions and advice. The in home 4pak provided a wonderful guide to getting our puppy (and us!) off on the right paw. Thank you Debra!

  • S.N. from Oakville

    Debra is a hands on, calm and experienced professional who provides so many useful and effective tips for training our puppy. She assessed our needs quickly and worked with our whole family to ensure we were raising a well adjusted puppy. I also appreciated that Debra allowed me to text her a couple times when things were going off the rails 🙂 so very helpful to know I had somewhere to turn.

  • K.W. from Oakville

    We loved having the training done in our home and the one on one attention given to our puppy.
    Debra was very personable and knowledgeable and gave us countless tips to use when raising and training an energetic puppy. We saw positive changes after each week of training.
    We highly recommend Debra and her program.

  • K.B. from Oakville

    HIGHLY RECOMMEND Debra, or as she calls herself “the lady with the chicken”. She is calm, patient, and incredibly knowledgeable. She has such a love and passion for animals, and it shows in the great work that she does. She has taught us the tools we need to continue training our puppy, and I am so grateful for her help!

  • K. D. from Oakville

    Thank you all your help with training our puppy. We are first time pet owners and you really help us figure out dog life, lol!
    I will definitely be recommending you to our family and friends!

  • A.P. from Burlington

    Debra was excellent when working with my my dog, as she formed an immediate trusting relationship. She was able to answer all my questions in detail and provided great insight.

    I highly recommend Think Positive Dog Training to anyone looking to strengthen their relationship with their dog. Debra creates a relaxed environment that encourages learning for both the dog and owner, and you will be sure to see the benefits of the one-on-one time.

  • R.A. from Oakville

    Debra was so great and she worked well with my girl! She did learn a lot as did I! Would recommend Debra to anyone.

  • K.C. from Oakville

    I would highly recommend Think Positive Dog Training. Debra’s positive training approach was easy to implement and has been very effective in a short period of time. Having Debra available as a ongoing resource during the training was very reassuring and took the guess work out of what was normal and acceptable puppy behaviour. The resource folder was an invaluable tool that supported us in between training sessions. I am proud to say that we have a happy, engaged, well adjusted puppy due to Debra’s expertise and passion for her clients, both human and canine, to succeed. Thank you Debra!!!!

  • C.S. from Oakville

    Debra has been a tremendous help in our household ever since we welcomed our Bernese puppy last month as she taught him housetraining and basic obedience. She is very knowledgeable and her training is very much based on positive reinforcement. She always took time to answer our questions when we were facing issues with our pup at home. Thank you Debra. We recommend Debra to everyone.

  • N.A. from Oakville

    Well thought out training that kept our puppy engaged. Great training for us ‘new’ puppy parents as well!! Thanks

  • M.C. from Oakville

    I really appreciated all of your suggestions and support with my puppy. I enjoyed all of the training sessions and it was so comforting to get answers to so many of my questions from someone so knowledgeable. I liked that you were always positive and suggested positive ways to deal with negative behaviour. Clearly you are a dog lover 🙂

  • T.M. from Mississauga

    I am a first time puppy owner and I highly valued having Debra in my home guiding me through some basic training sessions with my new puppy. I was able to ask MANY questions not just about training but about new puppy life in general. Her answers were reassuring and very reasonable….definitely things I could practice on my own. She gave me confidence to interact with my puppy and could see her professionalism in all her interactions with my puppy during the sessions. Debra is a fantastic person to have in your home and highly recommend her if you want to gain some confidence to deal with your new puppy.

  • A.M. from Oakville

    Would highly recommend Think Positive Dog Training. Debra was very gentle and positive and our puppy immediately took to her. The results were very quick and the training material she left made it very easy to continue the training between sessions.

  • A.D. from Oakville

    Thank you Debra for providing my husband and I with the tools we needed to help our puppy become a calm and loving member of our family. Our dog immediately loved you (and your treats). It felt important for us to be able to train our dog in a kind and respectful way. You showed us in just a few weeks how powerfully a positive approach can impact the behaviour and energy of our puppy. I would recommend you to any dog owner!

  • L.C.V. from Mississauga

    Debra is a blessing in our lifes. She teached us the best way to understand and train our puppy. She was very patient and adjusted all the training according to what was needed.
    Our dog loves Debra and enjoys when she comes to play with her. Our puppy has come a long way since the first day. Thank you so much Debra.

  • S. G. from Oakville

    Debra’s the best!!
    One on one training was definitely more successful for both our dog and our family. We looked forward to our weekly sessions. Debra is very kind, compassionate and definitely has a lot of patience. We will recommend her to everyone!!

  • F.M. from Oakville

    I think it was a great training program and my dog sure picked up a lot from it. Still working on some but it is well worth the time and effort.

    Debra, keep up the good work!

  • A.M. from Oakville

    Debra is clear, concise and helpful. She was open to our complex family needs and learning styles as well as being supportive of our ongoing work with our puppy. So many great tips with lots of alternate possibilities when necessary. She’s a flexible thinker. I will canine cha-cha forever.

  • M.P. from Mississauga

    What we liked most about the training was the convenience and flexibility. You made it very easy to work with you and our dog loved you!
    Would totally recommend!

  • G.C. from Oakville

    What I liked the most about Think Positive Training was Debra.
    She is intelligent, astute, a joy to be around and she knows her stuff!
    She was always on time, established a rapport from the get go with our puppy and helped me/us immensely.
    I have no reservations about recommending her to others.
    I have used dog trainers before and they pale by comparison.
    Thank you Debra so very much for your help.

  • S.H. from Burlington

    My pup and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Debra! She is very positive and flexible in her training techniques.She addressed any issues I had and had great suggestions on how to handle all situations. Her notes are well written and simply explained. They are exactly what I need to feel confident in working with my pup to continue his training on my own. I will definitely use Debra again if I run into anything I can’t handle. Well worth having Debra come to our house for puppy training!! I will highly recommend Debra to all our “dog” friends.

  • C.W. from Oakville

    Debra’s 4 week puppy start-up program helped our confidence with our 8 week old puppy. We were able to start early training, get personalized solutions and tips to immediate questions or concerns. Watching Debra demonstrate these training exercises was especially helpful for the whole family. Debra was available through phone or emails for additional questions during the 4 week period. Private lessons in our home were convenient and tailored specifically to our home setting or issues such as crate and gate locations, housetraining, stairs, puppy biting and jumping. Thanks to Debra’s years of experience and our work with her, we feel we are one step ahead of our puppy.

  • L.F. from Mississauga

    Debra, your training services are of the highest caliber. You are super sweet, funny, and extremely patient! We had done previous training classes with our puppy at a pet store, and the results from your training completely exceed those of the pet store training. You made training our puppy a fun, positive experience- for her and us! We really love the fact that in your training setting up our puppy for success was key. She has learned so much from your training sessions and has come a long way since we started with you! We are looking forward to having you back in our home as our puppy grows and we continue to advance her training. Thank you so much for giving us the confidence we needed to work with our pup.Debra, you are worth every single penny and more!

  • D.J. from Oakville

    Debra helped us get off on the right foot even before we brought home our puppy. Her personalized service gave us confidence and provided clear guidance right from those early days. We will not hesitate to contact Debra again if we are faced with a training issue we feel like we cannot work through on our own.

  • S. F. from Burlington

    Overall, I think the experience and what we got out of the training was well worth it. We have noticed a significant change in our dog. Although it is up to us to keep training him on what he has learned, it has educated both myself and my husband on how to handle situations with our dog. It has enabled us to understand what our dog is feeling when he has his barking fits while on the leash. Its nice to know that he is just generally scared while on the leash, whereas, before we just thought he was an aggressive dog. The dog we know and love inside the home was completely different from when we would walk him on the leash. Its reassuring now knowing that we are educated on how to handle him and how to make him feel more comfortable when out in public.

  • C.N. from Oakville

    I liked the fact that it was in my home, low distractions, and very personalized to what we were looking for. We found Debra to be very kind and very knowledgeable, and my dog really liked her. Also liked hearing about how certain skills we were working on could be built upon in other situations outside the house, and how to wean off giving treats for every single time. I would highly recommend Debra. We had a great experience!

  • D.G. from Oakville

    I highly recommend Debra for in house private dog training, she is very knowledge, patient and positive.

  • A.A.K. from Oakville

    Very thankful we found Debra. We rescued our 2nd dog in Dec 2017 and he had serious issues on the leash. Debra was patient and taught us many great skills that we will continue to use on our dog. I highly recommend Debra for training. We had a wonderful experience with Debra.

  • A.H. from Milton

    Our dog celebrated her year with us a couple days ago. I’m not sure that would’ve happened without your help. She’s way smarter then we give her credit for.
    I like that (your program) is totally customizable and we work on what we want and need. We aren’t set to a plan to make a group of people happy.

  • T.F. from Oakville

    The flexibility of in-home training was very convenient and Debra, you are amazing! Our puppy was always happy to see you and we learned so much!

  • L.W. from Oakville

    “We appreciated Debra’s positive approach to dog training, as it has made the training process more enjoyable for us. Our puppy continues to respond to varying strategies we have learned, and we now know how to make them more complex as he grows and learns. I would absolutely recommend Debra to dog owners, as she clearly has a passion for what she does, and definitely connected with our pup.”

  • W.M. from Burlington

    We loved the in-home training. It was so convenient not having travel to the location for lessons. Our previous experience with dog training, the dogs did not get any one-on-one training and as you know, our dog needed that. Your training method was excellent and the manual you supplied us was very helpful.
    I would not hesitate to recommend your service. We enjoyed your 8 visits to our home as did our dogs.

  • M.M. from Burlington

    Debra provides a great service. Excellent lessons and very convenient! Highly recommended.

  • E.L. from Mississauga

    We loved how you connect with the whole family!

  • C.L. from Oakville

    Professional, friendly, enthusiastic, always on time, if I have any other concerns I will ask again for her services.

  • L.A. from Oakville

    “Debra was very helpful to us as we transitioned to life with a new puppy. Having some guidance early on was good for the entire family. It is clear from the moment she walks in the door that she gets dogs, and they love her (the treats help)!”

  • J.T. from Burlington

    Debra was very patient with our puppy and was excellent communicating with both our family and the dog. I loved that the training was specific to our puppy, our house and situation. We tailored the method and training steps to the dog in the situation where it needs to work. And we saw results quickly.

  • D.M. from Mississauga

    Both my dog and I loved Debra’s enthusiasm and energy. She has taught me so much that I will use going forward. We are brand new to having a dog so it was great to leverage her skills and experience. I feel so much more comfortable and confident.

  • A.G. from Mississauga

    My dog and I both benefited from the at home aspects very much as we started prior to her vaccines and were able to set the foundations for future obedience training 🙂

  • H.P. from Oakville

    We recently had Deb doing our puppy training in house. What a joy!! She is very passionate about training our little guy. We saw immediate results and her follow up is beyond imagination. Keep up the great work Deb. We look forward to advanced training for our little pup.

  • The truly individualized sessions were extremely helpful and fun. Debra took the time to help my son (7) see the control he could have with our very large puppy. While the puppy still has some learning to do, we couldn’t have gotten to where we are without Debra’s help.

  • D.D. from Burlington

    Debra came totally prepared and ready to work as she started training 2 feet inside the door. Right on time for every session and taught us well the steps of training our dog.

  • F.F. & C.S. from Oakville

    Debra was both knowledgeable and intuitive in her dealings with our puppy. She displayed a friendly, positive approach to training which made the sessions extremely productive for both ourselves and our dog. She was both resourceful and creative in her suggestions to address behaviours. We would highly recommend her services to anyone interested in modifying their dog’s habits and behaviours – not to mention the fact that our dog was very enthralled by her!

  • K.M.M. from Oakville

    What we learned was so specific but also manageable. Soooooo convenient to have someone come to our house. Debra was so positive and patient – as good with people as she was with dogs!

  • A.S. from Mississauga

    Debra was extremely loving and exceedingly professional. The first thing that impressed us was her punctuality followed by her calm stature to guide our little puppy. Her notes and homework package was very useful for us new dog owners to familiarize with the challenges coming forth in the months to come. Overall, I would highly recommend her and am looking forward to further training with her.

  • C.M.S. from Oakville

    Debra, you were a delight to work with. Patient and vibrant with not just with our puppy but our family too.

  • I.A. from Oakville

    Debra is very approachable and easy to work with. Provides a stress free positive approach.

  • C.G. from Oakville

    You did such a great job teaching each of us some of the most important lessons in the first few weeks of having our dog home with us – the best thing we did was having you right away, so we could stop bad habits before they became real issues.
    You worked with us at our speed, and reiterated things from the week before so we could ensure that we got the most out of each lesson.
    We couldn’t have done it without you!

  • G.M. from Oakville

    Debra’s approach to positive training is very effective. My dog learned quickly and retained the concepts we were working on more readily than with previous training methods. He seemed to enjoy his sessions with Debra in his own dog way! I really like the way she helped me, as the dog’s primary person, to have a better understanding of how he might be thinking and what motivates his actions. I look forward to practicing our new skills and I would call on Debra again for ‘brush up’ lessons should we need them in the future.

  • L.D. from Mississauga

    Very friendly and positive. Always asked us if we had any other questions or needs. I would highly recommend you.

  • J.E. from Oakville

    Debra really took the time to try and understand my dog, and then tailored the training to her needs and ability. Given that my dog is an older rescue with anxiety issues, this was very important and much appreciated. It was also a great benefit to be able to work at home rather than having to put my dog through the stress of being in an unfamiliar environment. My goal with the training was to try and create a better connection with my dog rather than specifically working on obedience. Debra understood this and throughout each session she worked at building my dog’s confidence and understanding her behaviour. Debra worked at my dog’s pace, never forcing nor pushing her to ensure we accomplished a particular training activity. I was even left with a few tips at dealing with resource guarding and a few other specific issues (that never presented themselves during training) that I have been able to work on. I was very happy with this program. I have already recommended to a friend, and would happily do so again.

  • B.R.S. from Oakville

    Debra’s relaxed and competent style puts the dog and owner in the best position to learn. Her personalized training delivered in the familiar settings of your own home really helps the dog to settle into learning quickly.

  • D.M. from Mississauga

    Definitely will be referring you to anyone I know! You came highly recommended and I now know why.

  • J.B. from Burlington

    Knowledgeable, flexible, great rapport with both my dogs. Would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for 1-on-1 in home dog training.

  • S.L. from Burlington

    Debra is different from other trainers I’ve worked with in the past in that she aims to understand the motivations underscoring the behaviour, and not just attempt to simply modify/correct the behaviour itself. She also takes into consideration the environment in which the dog spends her time — you simply can’t get that in out-of-home training. We are very happy with the work Debra has done with our dog and have observed a progressive, positive change in our dog’s behaviour. Debra has made us better dog parents. Highly recommend!

  • Y.A. from Oakville

    Debra was very helpful in giving me lots of tips on how to deal with an alert-hyper dog, he used to bark at other dogs and people when walking him in addition to giving me a hard time just walking him on a leash, but with Debras help now I enjoy taking him for a walk, plus I noticed he became way calmer than before.

  • N.P. from Oakville

    From the moment I browsed through Think Positive Dog Training’s website, I knew Debra was the right option for my family. Bringing our puppy home was a first for our family, and Debra’s training made is so much smoother than I expected. All four of us were able to experience the one hour weekly sessions in the privacy of our home. This was very beneficial for all of us to be consistent in our approach to the first few weeks with a puppy from potty training, to nipping, etc. The kids had some good giggles with Debra’s upbeat and fun personality. The one hour sessions were action packed with amazing tips! Debra was always very patient with us and the many questions we had. She took her time to address our questions and still made time to cover the weekly session topics. It was the best investment we made as a new puppy family. Thank you Debra for all that you taught us. It’s different to read about training tips and experiencing them in person with a trainer. We highly recommend you to anyone with a new puppy.

  • C.C. from Oakville

    We are so glad we contacted Debra to begin our puppy training. We are a first-time pet owning family and to have Debra come in and help us with our concerns and teach us how to train our puppy so we get our desired long-term behaviours was ideal. Our whole family participated in the sessions and this allowed us each to learn the same techniques and made training our pup easier. We’ve been amazed at how far she has come in 4 weeks. Life is busy enough with a new pup, so to have Debra come to our home took some pressure off. Our puppy got so excited every time Debra come to our house. I would recommend Debra to anyone.

  • T.A. from Oakville

    I enjoyed the one on one training, and the ability to ask all the questions I had. I think it would have been too distracting for both the puppy and myself in a class setting. It was good to get feedback on the home environment and suggestions on making the house puppy proof. I would definitely recommend in home training, and pass along your business cards! The hand signals and treat rewards are easy for me to pass along for the kids to use with his training as well. My daughter enjoys showing everyone how our dog can “leave it” when a treat is put in front of him. I feel more confident in handling our first family dog, and your training has made this transition easier for us.

  • C.H. from Oakville

    I would say the in home service and training is a great service and proved to be not only convient but very successful. What more can you ask for?

  • K.E. from Oakville

    I really appreciated that we could address my dog’s individual needs directly, and that she didn’t have to participate with other dogs in group training 🙂 I also really enjoyed how much time we spent talking about her particular anxiety and fears (again, probably not something we could have delved into as deeply in a different type of training setting.)

  • H.M. from Oakville

    My husband and I really appreciated Debra’s hands on approach. Debra was able to make the training methods very clear and we were able to see progress in every session.

  • M.L. from Oakville

    I loved the full attention to my personal needs. One-on-one felt more flexible and I felt I could share any concerns. Debra was very flexible and adaptable – I’m not sure I could receive this flexibility in a group session. The hours and in-home allowed both my boys to be present. Also, my family and I were very pleased with Debra’s service. Being a first time dog owner, I was feeling quite anxious, overwhelmed, and at times incompetent. I found that Debra provided a solution to all my concerns and problems. I always felt good and motivated after each session with Debra. I was also very grateful for Debra being able to modify her session so that my concerns were being fully addressed.

  • D.O. from Oakville

    Debra was a lifesaver. We were first time dogs owners starting from scratch so we had Debra first come the day after we brought our pup home. The 4 of us had a million questions for her and listened to her expertise while watching her work with our pup. She helped us prepare our home, gave us great training advice (which focused on positive reinforcement), and learned a lot of tips and tricks. Every time Debra came over our pup loved it so much he would sit still like he was ready for “school”. Thank you for making the first month with our pup so enjoyable – because the better behaved he is the happier we are as a family. I would recommend you to everyone bringing home a new pup!

  • D.D. from Oakville

    Having Debra come out to our home and teach us some beginner strategies for carrying for our pup was a good decision. She displayed a great relationship with the dog, and showed us some ways to help simplify the process of housebreaking a dog. Debra is a great choice of you are looking for a positive reinforcement training style.

  • K.S. from Oakville

    My dog and I had a wonderful experience with Debra. In just a few sessions, Debra gave us the tools and knowledge to finally get my dog to come when called.

    I totally recommend Debra for anyone needed training help for their furry friend.

  • R.D. from Oakville

    Debra was very knowledgeable, and suggestions were based on facts. Calm and very professional. Weekly schedule of “homework” was realistic, achievable, and most importantly, useful. Suggestions worked and we gained the confidence we needed both as individuals and as a family to handle Molly properly with her reactivity issues.

  • H.M. from Oakville

    I was hesitant to look for a trainer because I was afraid of being criticized for my shortcomings as a dog owner. However when my dog started becoming more aggressive in his reaction to other dogs I knew I needed help. Debra was fantastic. She was accommodating of my schedule and helped me work with my dog in my neighbourhood. She taught me techniques to better sense when my dog was reaching his tolerance threshold and techniques to distract and keep him calm. While I wasn’t keen on it, I can see huge benefits from treat training. His behaviour is already significantly under control in less than a month. Debra is very personable, experienced in dog behaviour and passionate about her work. I would definitely recommend her to friends and family. Thank you!!

  • K.W. from Oakville

    We highly recommend individual personal training with your puppy especially if there is an issue you are trying to tackle. In our case, our puppy had impulse control problems and loved to put his teeth on your arm when he got SO excited and now he is a gem. Of course we work on it everyday but Debra gave us the proper tools. Thanks Debra

  • A.G. from Oakville

    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge, enthusiasm and general love for dogs with me and my family.
    Call Debra, you’ll be happy you did!

  • A.D. from Oakville

    We learned a lot from Debra and our dog loved her! She passed along helpful information in a friendly and informal manner. We would definitely use her again!

  • A.P. from Oakville

    Debra, we absolutely benefited and enjoyed every minute of your training sessions. You have an amazing hand with dogs and all of your suggestions work (when implemented!) We have already told every dog owner that we meet on our walks about your in-home services and will go on recommending you every chance we get. Our dog has a good foundation for behaviour now and we will continue to build on it using your advice and program. We can’t thank you enough for all of your help. Our dog would especially like to thank you for the Orange Demon that you presented her with when you were leaving after her last session. She was absolutely delighted with it and it was the first thing she ran to when she woke up this morning. Loads of fun and every arm and leg squeaks…..

    Again, many many thanks. Best decision we ever made for our dog was to introduce her to you.

  • Debra guided us how to implement the training according to the setting of the home, identified safety hazards and gave us tips to keep the positive training going at all times while have fun with the new arrival. We highly recommend Debra for first time puppy owners.

  • D.S. from Mississauga

    My sister and I had never owned a dog before, but we fell in love with our one-year-old Fox Terrier and brought him home as soon as we could. We quickly found out that he is a very reactive dog and had a mind of his own, so training him by ourselves was overwhelming and stressful because we felt we were making no progress at all. Debra helped us so much, she taught us the basics of training and helped us figure out how to tweak them to suit our own dog. She worked around our schedule, took time to bond with our dog (he loved her!), and answered any questions we had about the process. Every week, she would ask us what troubles we ran into, and we adjusted our session accordingly. She is such a nice and friendly woman, and she really knows her stuff– our dog is doing much better now than when we started, and we wouldn’t have gotten this far without Debra. She even got her husband to help with our dog’s reactivity by setting up an exercise with her own dog! She cares so much about animals and positive reinforcement training, and everything she does is based on scientific studies that have proven results. We highly recommend her to any dog owners who need some extra help, we couldn’t have asked for a better trainer 🙂

  • L.R. from Mississauga

    Excellent experience with our golden puppy age 12-16 weeks. Debra is friendly, very knowledgeable and quickly helped our family understand the do’s and dont’s of training to have the best behaved family pet! Highly recommended 🙂

  • M.M. from Milton

    It was great working with Debra, her training is very effective our puppy learned alot with just 4 sessions, we look forward to having more training and would not hesitate to refer Debra to family and friends. Thanks again!

  • I.T. from Mississauga

    As a first time dog owner, it can be overwhelming to learn how to train a dog alone. Since the initial phone call, Debra was able to put my mind at ease, explain the benefits of positive training, and work around my schedule. She set me and my dog up for success and really helped me learn the tools needed to train a dog. Furthermore, she went out of her way to research more about my dog’s breed and adjust her lesson plans to cater to his individual needs. She’s always positive, helpful, and I can tell she genuinely cares and is interested in dogs and the use of positive reinforcement training!

  • I.Y. from Oakville

    I called Debra out of frustration a few days after we brought our puppy home, our first ever dog. Even after reading a few books this was hard and I didn’t know if we were doing the right thing, had the right set up, etc. Debra came in and immediately put our minds at ease, we could do this and raise a well balanced, healthy, happy dog. We love that we have a head start on puppy classes and many comment on how fast he has learned so much already! Debra’s positive energy and training philosophy is very effective. We would definitely recommend her services!!

  • The first thing that attracted me to ‘Think Positive’ Dog Training was the name: how refreshing to have such a positive approach right from the start. Debra is a very competent, patient and caring dog trainer. We have a new puppy and a two year old dog which meant different issues needed to be addressed. Her ability to help us with both of our dogs meant a lot to us. She even enlisted the help of her husband to help with a ‘barking at other dogs while on a walk’ problem. It was an awesome experience and I would highly recommend her services!

  • C.K. from Oakville

    Being a first time dog owner can be pretty stressful and quite frustrating sometime. I’m so grateful that I found Debra! The day she came in was the day I finally found myself communicating with my puppy ,and was also the day I FINALLY started to enjoy having a dog.

    Debra’s reward based methods really work for us. So easy to practice even my three children love doing them with our puppy.

    Having lessons at home make it very effective. It causes no confusion when we apply and our puppy tries to adopt the skills. We strongly recommend Debra and will continue to do so. 🙂

  • B.P. from Oakville

    We just finished our four weeks of training with Debra (and our 12 week old puppy) and it exceeded our expectations in every way! Debra’s positive approach really demonstrated that puppy training can be both effective and fun at the same time. We have gotten many compliments from family, friends and neighbours already on how much he has learned and how impressive it is that he has “manners” already! My two daughters (ages 8 and 10) loved the training and developed confidence in their own training skills. The one-on-one learning was fantastic – Debra could see our puppy in his own environment and help us not only deal with issues but to also understand normal puppy behavior. Debra’s love of dogs is very apparent and our puppy adored her 🙂 We would not hesitate to recommend Debra to anyone and would most certainly call her again for more advanced training.

  • A.D. from Oakville

    Having recently adopted our 8 week old Vizsla puppy, like many other new puppy parents, we were overwhelmed. Debra was a breath of fresh air, confidence and sanity. Her approach to training and the energy she brings in to your home is truly wonderful. We’re already seeing such positive results with our dog, and can’t wait to work with Debra again. It’s never too early to get started and certainly, never too late. Contact Debra, you won’t regret it.

  • V.Z. from Mississauga

    Debra was a great find.
    She was recommended to me by my daughter who I believe had found information on this web site. My dog was a rescue dog from Antigua where she had lived on the streets and survived by begging. I was concerned she would have trouble transitioning to living inside and off the beach. She was only about 9 months old and of course had residual health issues.
    Debra was great in taking all this into consideration helping our dog feel supported and engaged in learning how to do all those necessary behaviors.
    I also really appreciated her flexibility around my schedule. I will certainly recommend her to others and ask for her help again, should the need arise.

  • D.G. from Oakville

    Debra’s methods were very effective in helping us to train our puppy. She really helped us understand the training from the puppy’s point of view, and helped us see the benefits of positive reinforcement.

    Debra’s flexibility in coming to our home at a time that was convenient for us was very much appreciated.

    I would definitely recommend Debra’s services to anyone who is having challenges training their dog, or just needs to fine-tune some behaviour issues.

  • S.S. from Oakville

    Thank you Debra. Personally found you very committed, knowledgable and extraordinary at your craft.

  • C.B. from Oakville

    Debra has a wonderful, positive approach to training that resonates very well with pets and their owners. She helped us understand our older, rescue dog and went outside of her customary skills package to teach us how to make our pet feel at home with us. It’s clear that she cares very much about animals and truly aims to deliver skills that will set the relationship up for long term success. Dog Training with Debra is a definitely a valuable investment — there is a lot of information about training online but having someone with Debra’s experience work with the pet and the family is priceless.

  • N.J. from Oakville

    We contacted Debra to help us train our (at the time) 9 week old puppy. The private in home training gave our puppy the opportunity to learn at his own pace, with minimal distractions. Furthermore, it allowed us the opportunity to ask many questions thus helping our understanding of each command. Debra also put our mind at ease on several occasions with regard to various behaviours our puppy was exhibiting, allowing us to view his behaviour in a different way. We would not hesitate to recommend her to new puppy parents.

  • M.F. from Oakville

    The thing I liked most about the in-home training was the positivity and energy that you brought when you came over. It was sometimes frustrating trying to train my puppy but you always reminded me to stay positive and make it fun for the both of us. Greatly appreciated! I think the program was very nicely structured and taught the basics very well, also providing opportunities for personalized needs.

  • S.G. from Oakville

    Working with Think Positive Dog Training was the best thing we could have done for our new family member. The training was directed to our lifestyle and the dogs immediate needs; Debra was amazing to work with and we would highly recommend her to anyone with a new (or old) pet. She was so patient when we added our young kids into the training session; our eldest is still working on perfecting the “bang, you’re dead” trick that Debra showed her. It will be cute once it’s perfected! Thanks again 🙂

  • D.D. from Oakville

    Think positive training was fantastic. Being first time dog owners, Debra covered all bases. How to house train, obedience commands to how to play safe with our puppy. The best part of in home training was the ability for the training to be custom for our surroundings. Also we could ask questions that may have only been related to having a small dog. Debra’s patience and understanding of dogs in all shapes and sizes is the perfect training.

    Debra, it was great getting to know you and have you in our home for our first ever dog experience. I will recommend you to EVERYONE!

  • E.W. from Oakville

    We are getting there, Debra! Our puppy is much better and she has learned what she needs to do. I think I have your “Hey, hey” pitch down pat because when I say it after our older dog isn’t listening, she makes a bee-line for the house thinking you are there!!! It’s all working well. You have a gift with dogs and I am so happy that you helped us with the fine tuning!

  • P.S. from Mississauga

    Since we have a high energy dog, we found group training to be more stressful than helpful. We were shown what a well behaved puppy should act like, but were not given the tools to help us deal with the problems we were having. The one on one training with Debra provided us with so many helpful suggestions that were directed specifically to the issues we were dealing with. Our dog was able to better focus on the training in a calmer, familiar environment and it was easier for us to carry on with that training since we had a better understanding of what we were supposed to do.

    We were very impressed with Debra’s enthusiasm and upbeat manner, wealth of knowledge, and the fact that she understood so well the type of dog our dog is and could explain how best we deal with her personality.

    We would highly recommend Think Positive Dog Training for anyone dealing with a specific problem with their puppy/adult dog. Our pup had developed a fear of going past a sewer grate and it was becoming impossible to walk her. After two sessions with Debra we had learned how to help her overcome this fear and we now have a puppy who will walk happily down the street. In the course of dealing with this issue we were given so many more training tips and tools. It was a very positive experience for all of us. Thanks Debra!

  • R.H. from Oakville

    We were looking for help for our high energy, anxious 5 year old lab mix whose behavior had recently been getting worse; Debra was recommended by our vet’s office and we are so glad that we worked with her! We loved how the sessions were centered around what we felt the main problems were, Debra gave us so much insight on why things were happening, how to appropriately manage them, and tools to use to see quick results in our dog’s behavior. The in home sessions were very convenient and Debra was flexible in accommodating our schedules. The best part was how comfortable it was for our dog – no forcing him into uncomfortable situations or aggressive corrections, but rather working with positive reinforcement to build his trust, which we saw result in a calmer, easier to manage dog. We still have lots to continue to work on, but feel confident from Debra’s teaching that our consistency can help keep our dog happy and less reactive. Thank you Debra!

  • J.B. from Oakville

    Debra really helped us with our dog (two year old black lab from the humane society) specifically in regards to walking and approaching other dogs on walks. She provided us with lots of tools and resources to continue our training. The private sessions were ideal as the timing was flexible and the training was focused and efficient. Our dog will miss her and the treats!

  • C.D. from Oakville

    My dog will miss you too especially all those yummy treats. It was fantastic working with you, I learned so much even though I made lots of mistakes along the way. You were punctual, you explained the training in a easy way to understand (ok so maybe you had to repeat yourself to me more than a few times lol), my dog loved you, your weekly homework was well organized in the folder, you offered great suggestions, and most importantly you addressed all my concerns. You were awesome!!!

  • A.P. from Oakville

    I liked that the training was in-home and very specific to the needs of my dogs. My puppy dog was always taken with you Debra. I liked that my questions were addressed and the dogs were very responsive to the training. My dog was the main focus.

  • D.R. from Oakville

    Debra is an invaluable source of information and she truly cares about you and your dog. Choosing Debra for dog training was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

  • L.K. from Oakville

    We appreciated the convenience of having Debra come to our home. Our schedules include business travel, which made attending weekly group classes challenging. In home training provided us with the flexibility we needed. It also enabled many family members to be involved in training sessions. We found working in our home environment very helpful for our dog as well. One on one training allowed us to ask questions and address issues immediately. This makes for a more effective training experience. Debra was excellent. She helped to train both our dog and us! I highly recommend her!

  • M.K. from Burlington

    As a new dog owner, never before having owned a dog, I made the right decision in calling Debra right away. As soon as we got off the phone she emailed me resources filled with tips and instructions to help me survive with a new puppy until she could get to my house for our first appointment a few days later. What a godsend! Once our training sessions actually started, it was great – I learned so much about training a puppy, my puppy learned how to behave, and we both had fun! Debra made herself available to answer all of my questions (and I had a lot of questions!) both in and out of sessions, and I truly appreciate all of the support she provided. Raising a puppy is difficult, but she made it so much easier. Finally, it is clear that Debra has a great love of dogs and it really shone through each time she came over to work with my pup. If I’m ever in need of a dog trainer again, Debra is the first person I’m going to call, absolutely and without a doubt!

  • C.M. from Oakville

    My dog and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Debra, and my dog has continued to make great progress with her training. I love the in-home private training because of the one-on-one attention that was given to my dog. She is a smart dog but is easily distracted so working one-on-one first made it a lot easier to then work with her with other distractions around her. I truly feel I got my money’s worth with Debra!

  • P.R. from Mississauga

    Debra is an awesome dog trainer and we highly recommend Think Positive Dog Training. We liked the personalized training given to our dog and her personality, and she in return couldn’t do enough to earn those treats from Debra’s pouch. It was also easier to be “trained” ourselves without others watching and feeling awkward. While we have just finished the core set of training we are looking forward to booking a followup session in the near future. We wish you continued success Debra!

  • P.D. from Burlington

    We loved the in-home training. It provided training based on our availability and allowed our dog to learn in the comfort of her own home. Debra is great! She helped our anxious pup by showing us the triggers that were setting her off. Our gorgeous Goldendoodle is making great progress. Thanks Debra!

  • A.A. from Oakville

    The best part was getting training tailored to our dog and her (our) needs. Being able to skip ahead or spend more time on certain things was perfect for us.

  • J.M. from Oakville

    Debra did a fabulous job of helping us transition our new Beagle puppy into our home and our lives. As a busy family with four children and an existing 7 year old Wheaton, the in-home sessions allowed her to see first-hand both how we live and how the two dogs were interacting to offer solutions and advice that catered to our specific situation. I feel we learned so much more in just 4 one-on-one in-home classes than we did previously by going to months of weekly classes outside the home!

  • M.M. from Oakville

    Thanks for your help Debra. I feel confident that I have all the tools and tips to continue working with my dog. I keep my handouts visible to remind me to train every day! By being consistent and following the program from Debra, we look forward to seeing even more positive results. We highly recommend Debra.

  • J.M. from Oakville

    As first-time dog owners, we were nervous. Debra’s enthusiasm and knowledge helped enormously. Having her visit us in our home also ensured the whole family could get involved. We even discussed ways to introduce our 10-year old cat to his new housemate. Overall, it was a very positive experience for us.

  • S.L. from Oakville

    I highly recommend Debra. I felt very comfortable with her positive approach to training. I have used other trainers in the past with other dogs but Debra’s training method was by far more successful. Our puppy learned very quickly and was eager to please. Her handouts were helpful and are a good reference. After 4 sessions I am on the way to having a well behaved puppy.

  • M.V. from Burlington

    I definitely recommend Debra and Think Positive Dogs. I liked the way Debra was flexible with her training schedule to work with me and my children (3 and 6). After adopting our dog it quickly became apparent that we needed some minor but important training for her and more importantly for the kids. The in home training allowed the kids to hear and see each session and participate when they felt comfortable. It also provided a third party who set out the ground rules on how to interact with the dog.

  • S.O. from Oakville

    Not only did my little teacup Chihuahua love working with Debra but we did as well! With busy schedules we found the in home training with Debra FANTASTIC! I would recommend to anyone looking to either correct behaviours or teach your dog the basics. She’s honest, caring and just loves working with dogs – this you can see from the very first session! We did the dog training classes as well but found that we were able to get through much more material during our sessions with Debra and our dog seemed to enjoy it much more too! After our first package of sessions we have decided to continue to work with her as we not only wanted to correct some of the puppy behaviours she helped us do but also to advance on the basic training. We are excited to continue to work with her and you can absolutely tell she loves what she does!

  • H.M. from Oakville

    Debra Pearson did a fantastic job assisting us in retraining our five year old labrador retriever following some aggressive outbursts toward some dogs. Her positive approach made a huge difference in our dog’s behaviour and in our handling of her. We can’t say enough about the benefit of the one on one attention. Debra was able to get a clear picture of our dog’s environment and multiple handlers and was able work with all of us to better manage our dog. Some small changes and reminders of consistency improved the behaviour of our dog tremendously.

    Thanks again, Debra. I will continue to mention your name to friends in need!

  • J.S. from Mississauga

    Thank you so much for all the lessons! My dog and I really learnt a lot and now enjoy our walks! I use to dread taking him for a walk in case we encountered another dog, but with the techniques Debra taught us I now love taking him for a walk and look for dogs! Debra was very patient and understanding. She really understands dogs and why they behave the way they do. I would recommend Debra to anyone and will definitely have more lessons in the future! Thank you so much 🙂

  • N.K. from Mississauga

    We have seen improvements in both of our dogs and we really appreciated your positive approach to training both us and our dogs. You answered all of our questions and helped us with the specific challenges we faced with our dogs. We would certainly recommend you to anyone looking for a dog trainer in this part of the GTA.

  • C.B. from Oakville

    Think positive in home training has been the best investment in my dog’s happiness and well being. Debra gas offered practical, realistic and sound advice. The programme is flexible and can be adapted to your personal experience and the needs of your individual dog.

  • A.G. from Georgetown

    What I liked about positive dog training is that the one on one is what we needed, this was the next steps for us in training with our dog. Debra’s consistent positive approach really works, I am convinced this will help us in moving forward in being a proud dog owner. This approach to dog training is great, don’t change anything!

  • M.K. from Oakville

    We had a really great time with Debra, she’s a very positive and outgoing person. She really made our dog feel comfortable and was very patient when she needed to be. We were very impressed with how quickly our dog took to the positive approach to dog training and what she was able to accomplish in only four sessions. We’d happily recommend Debra to anybody interested in having a well trained dog.

  • A.S. from Oakville

    Debra was great with our dog. He loved her and looked forward to seeing her every week. He learned something new every week and is a new dog. She addressed all our questions and our concerns and it was great to have her in our home doing one on one training. Thank you Debra for all your help!

  • M.D. from Mississauga

    Debra listened closely as to what our needs were and worked together with us and our dog to rectify the specific problem. Thank you Debra, we now have a very calm and happy pet!

  • L.G. from Oakville

    I called Think Positive Dog Training in tears with a 9 week puppy that I had for only 3 days. Neither of us had slept and Debra came over within the hour and helped me get started on crate training, feeding schedules, housebreaking and more. We are both extremely thankful for her assistance. We continue to work with her as we progress through the puppy phase!

  • S.B. from Oakville

    I loved it that my dog adores you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have given me an ever smarter puppy!!!!

  • S.T. from Oakville

    Your positive attitude and easy way with puppies provides alot of relief and understanding for new puppy owners. It is an overwhelming time and seeing our puppy respond so well to you is a testament to how well you know dogs. Our puppy has responded so well to your training and to our continued training, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve any of the commands that our puppy is becoming so good at without your expertise and guidance! Thank you!!

  • J.S. from Milton

    I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure working with Debra, and it was so wonderful to have her come into our home and work on specific behaviours that my dog needed help with. I don’t think I would ever go back to group lessons again. It let us have the time to ask all the questions we had and to create a plan that was particular for my dog. I really loved the fact that there was no “new” training philosophy applied because it was so close to the training we have already done, and I also liked the fact that if my dog knew certain words for certain things, there was no changing the word to something new based on Debra’s curriculum, she worked with the base we had, and built on from there. Debra is very patient and very genuine which made it such a great experience.

  • J.F. from Burlington

    From the minute she came into our home, Debra was kind and encouraging. She was great at incorporating our kids into our training sessions, and we all learned a ton. I have recommended her to friends and neighbours and have no hesitation in doing so. Excellent trainer if you want to create a positive relationship with your dog.

  • J.S. from Oakville

    I learnt so much during my dog training with Debra. Her experience, knowledge and expertise made training informative and fun for both me and my puppy. She made me feel relaxed and always had good training techniques to share. She was wonderful to work with and I have no hesitation contacting her in the future should I need more advice or guidance.

  • M.R. from Burlington

    Debra was professional, prepared, and approachable. She respected and answered all of our questions, no matter how small. I really appreciated how she answered all of my emails promptly and even provided reminders for me when changes were made to our schedule. But most of all, my dog loved working with her and her positive approach engaged him and guided him. She encouraged all of us and as a result, we all (family and dog) experienced a level of success that previous classes did not provide us with.

  • C.S. from Oakville

    What I enjoyed most about the private training, we were able to train in our dog’s environment. Whatever issues we were having, we are able to address in her element. This was very helpful, we continued to used the methods we learned in our in home training.

    It was wonderful to work with someone who enjoys working with dogs so much and who genuinely cares about my dog and her progress. Who was very helpful and offers many tips above and beyond training. We have recommended Debra to several of our friends, and would love to use Debra again in the future.

  • M.P. and family from Oakville

    We were very pleased with the training methods. Debra customized a program to address specific problems we were having, however made it fun for all of us. We particularly liked her ability to recognize when a teaching method wasn’t working for our dog and quickly adapt a new game successfully to teach the same concept. Throughout the training process, Debra was also very helpful in guiding us in all aspects of living with a high energy pup. Our dog absolutely loved Debra, and her visits were the highlight of the week.

  • C.B. from Oakville

    Private in-home training gave me the opportunity to make a positive start to working with my puppy. It enabled me to have a better understanding of my dog’s needs and set her up for training success. The programme was fun, easy to follow, engaging and stimulating for both of us. We learned a lot and I am convinced that it helped me to raise a happy, sociable dog.

    I liked the way the programme developed in difficulty over the four weeks, and Debra had practical and effective suggestions for developmental behaviors as they arose. As a result, I was able to be proactive rather than reactive in my training. I was able to communicate to my dog the behavior I wanted rather than correcting the ones I didn’t.

    One of the most positive benefits was getting to see just how much my puppy wanted to work with me. She wanted to please and make me happy, and this training programme gave her the opportunity to do that without the distraction of other dogs and owners. It made her so much more ready for class work later. It was a great foundation, and we are now excited to take advanced classes.

  • K.M. from Mississauga

    I loved the one-on-one instruction and focus on my dog. It really helped having Debra see my dog and me perform the tasks from start to finish and then have her make the needed corrections. Although my husband and I have had a wonderful dog before, it was a new world attempting to train a puppy with three young children. Debra was able and eager to answer my many specific questions in a detailed manner. Discussing custom-tailored issues at our appointment or via email was extremely beneficial.

    Debra is a friendly and articulate trainer who set out realistic goals for my puppy (and me!). The homework assignments and notes were very useful and each session allowed me to review the issues I needed addressed.

    Thanks for your help Debra! My dog is really doing well and I’m happy to report his nipping/mouthing is virtually zero. He is walking well on walks with his easy walk harness and I think he’s going to be a wonderful family pet.

    I’m more than happy to refer your services to anyone in need of dog training.

  • S.K. from Mississauga

    It was great, very beneficial and highly convenient not having to travel with him. I really liked the one-on-one training, it was easier to work on problems specific to my dog and learn at his pace, it was easy to ask questions and I tend to learn better in a less chaotic environment, so for me it worked really well. And the handouts were very useful to remind me what to work on in-between sessions so I didn’t have to rely on my memory, I keep them posted in the kitchen and still refer to them.

  • J.F. from Oakville

    One on one attention is invaluable at an early age and no distractions. Great advice and excellent review of exercises.

    I would highly recommend it for and to anyone. Great experience for both of us. Thank you Debra.

  • M.D. from Oakville

    I liked the one on one time and working on issues that pertained to me and my dog. I liked booking appointments at my convenience and working in an environment that is familiar to the dog. With other dogs and dog training classes, the dog did great during the class, but get home, different story.

    Debra was a very patient trainer and explained things very clearly. She seemed to understand my issues and helped me get through what I was calling, a rough time with my boyfriend’s dog!

  • J.A.R. from Oakville

    I liked the home training because it was one on one and my dog was in her own environment. My concerns were addressed immediately and I liked that I could always call you if I had a problem.

  • L.D. from Oakville

    I liked the fact that you can customize the training for each individual, it definitely was less than ideal training circumstances during our renovations, but you were able to make it work for what we needed at the time . You were very knowledgeable, and given my dog’s extreme anxiety, I appreciate the fact that when you felt it was better that he be assessed by a specialist that you were able to step aside for his well being.

    I would not hesitate to call you at anytime in the future for any additional training that my dog would require, and it certainly would recommend you to any other dog owners:)

  • J.S. from Oakville

    I liked that you were very flexible as to times of the training, & also that you allowed a few of us to participate in the training.

  • J.E. from Mississauga

    It focused on my specific needs and concerns….we could spend the entire section on one thing if necessary. I also loved the convenience of having it in my home, at times that worked for me.

  • L.M. from Oakville

    Debra was great! We liked her positive, reward-based approach to training and appreciated her respect for dogs. She gave our family lots of very useful training tips and great insight into the behaviour of puppies – and why they do what they do! We would definitely recommend Debra for training dogs – of all ages.

  • D.S. from Oakville

    Debra did a great job in giving me the tools to help with my leash training and learning to deal with my leash reactive dog. Her demeanor and training tools made it fun for both me and my dog. My dog loves her trainer!

    Debra gave me the confidence to walk and look for opportunities to put my dog in situations that I would otherwise have avoided. I like the one on one relationship and attention. The relaxed atmosphere gives one the chance to really relate to the training and get it right. You can also remember any questions you have for the trainer because of less distractions, and also to discuss other issues.

    I will recommend her to anyone who asks for help with their dog and I will continue to get her help in any other training needs that arise. It was a great experience!

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