Training Services

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Ask about the Think Positive Dog Training 4-Pack. Now offering a special web promotion: 4 hours of private, in-home or virtual instruction for the price of 3. Last one is free!

Payment is made in full at the end of the first training session. The 4-Pack must be completed within 3 months.

Multi-dog household? No problem! I can schedule longer sessions at the same discounted rate.


Every household with a new puppy or dog has different needs.

I can help set you and your dog up for success in achieving these goals. All you need to do is contact me either by phone or via email (see the Contacts page for details).

Through initial discussions with you, I’ll get a good idea of the issues you may be experiencing and what type of training would be suitable for your dog. If you would then like to set up an appointment for a private in-home training session at your convenience, I typically book appointments from Monday – Friday.

I will design a personalized program to suit your needs and provide you with literature or links to websites for additional information on topics of interest to you. To give you an idea of some of the services I provide, I’ve listed some common categories below:

dogico3Housetraining and Crate Training

Let me help you get your puppy or newly adopted dog off to a good start with proven housetraining techniques. The fewer “accidents” you have in the house, the easier it will be to get your dog on track.


dogico6Mouthing and Inappropriate Chewing

This is a common and very normal behavior in dogs and puppies! Do not despair! Let’s teach your dog to stop mouthing or biting you or your clothing, or chewing inappropriate items around the house.


dogico2Jumping up

Jumping up to greet is another very common issue with puppies and dogs. Especially if you have a large breed of dog, jumping up can be a serious concern. Again, this behavior can be modified using positive reinforcement training methods.


dogico4Basic Obedience

Give your dog the basic obedience skills needed to be a well-mannered member of your family. Imagine your dog happily responding to cues to “sit”, “down”, “drop-it”, “wait”, “stay”, “come when called” and more.


dogico1Walking Nicely on Leash

Many dogs have problems walking nicely on leash. I can show you how to work with your dog to encourage loose leash walking skills. Heeling is another skill that you can use to keep your dog close when crossing the street, maneuvering around obstacles. I can also recommend pain-free training tools to help get you started on walking nicely.



Tricks are a fun way to work and bond with your dog. Impress your friends and family by getting your dog to “shake a paw”, “spin”, “touch”, “play dead” and more. It’s easier than you might think!