FAQ-small1. Where are you located?

Think Positive Dog Training is based in Oakville, Ontario. However, we also serve nearby Burlington, Milton and Mississauga, Ontario

2. Do you serve areas outside of the above?

Schedule permitting, I may be able to take clients outside of the cities listed above. Contact me for further information. A distance surcharge will apply.

3. What can I do to make sure my dog doesn’t gain weight with all the training treats?

There are several things you can do to prevent unwanted weight gain. Start by ensuring you provide healthy, high quality treats to your dog. You can also use a portion of your dog’s daily ration of kibble as training treats. If this is not enough, you can cut back a bit on the portion size of regular meals.

You can also use other things that your dog really likes as rewards – such as throwing a ball, playing with a toy, gaining access to go outside, etc.

4. Why does my dog or puppy need obedience training?

Basic obedience training is the foundation from which good behavior is built. Basic obedience will provide you with the tools to avoid unwanted behavior in your dog. For example, a dog that can maintain a “sit” is not jumping up on visitors.